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  1. Technical: Fuji 400h pro

    To answer a few questions I've received in emails or comments...

    1. I shoot half digital, half film. I started photography in black and white, then moved to digital because of weddings (while still shooting black and white), then moved to color film (while still shooting digital for commercial work & black and white). I try to shoot film as often as possible, especially for my own work because there is no rush or deadline to get those on the web or printed. But anytime a client says they want film, I shoot film and LOVE IT! I always bring my 3 film cameras with me just in case I have downtime and can shoot with it.

    2.  I don't ever try to make my digital negs to look like film. Never ever ever. Looks fake to me.

    3. These photos were definitely pre-visualized BEFORE I shot it. I knew that with the holga, I would get the "oh-cool-i-didn't-know-how-this-would-come-out" look (which is not always great) but it was definitely intentional. Oh besides the middle one. That's just because I forgot to advance the film after I shot the first one. So I photographed it twice- about ten minutes apart from each other.

    4. These photos are digital, not film. But that's nice that you would think they look like film. I try to put "technical" below the photo so you know it's NOT digital.

    I love the questions, so keep askin me! I don't really know how to respond if it's through a comment (because do you look back in my comment slot ?), so maybe I'll make these sorta posts more often. If you email me a question I've never been asked, then I'll reply to you. Sometimes I write too much, so this forces me to simplify my words :)

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      how about some holga tips!