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  1. Technical: Fuji 400h pro

    Alexis and I share lots of commonalities. We are both beach babies and love to photograph. Our husbands share the same name (Andrew) and are both musicians (in the same band). We four can't wait to move back to Southern California :) You'll see me photograph her from time-to-time because she is such a beauty and so care-free.

  2. 2 heart-to-hearts:

    1. alexismdyer said...

      aw shucks. you're too sweet.

      cal-i-fornia here we come right back where we started from open up those golden gates california here we come!

      Someday I will actually be skilled at the photo thing.. I need to get me an education. I promise never to be a momtographer. haha.

    2. i pass by ye olde Reams every day, and those newly-exposed ads for coke and sprite have had me thinking, "is there a photographer in the house? they need to come down here!" so i'm glad you found them as well.

      -Sara Katherine Staheli Hanks