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  1. Pippa's Birth


    What a dream it was to be there with this sweet family during her labor & after! When I arrived, it was quiet and dark. Erin was in the part of birth where she could still get some rest and she let the epidural do it's thing. Sleeping almost. Grandma excited and letting people know via text, what was goin on. Sam watching a movie, because why not! Then the moment she started moaning, I knew it was time.. transition was here and baby would be here in minutes! Such an exciting time. Erin birthed like a warrior. Dr. James was the bomb! And these boys have been over the moon waiting for their baby sister to join them. And so have we all!! She's a lucky girl. Welcome Pippa!!!! <3 

    Used all sorts of film on this one- portra 800/fuji 400 and 400tx.

  2. Fourth year in a row and going strong! They inspire me because they TRUST me. I love that. Absolutely adore this family that supports and encourages each other to be the best they can be. They embody the perfect ratio between silliness and peace. I can only hope my kids are as cool as them when they reach their kids' ages.

    Portra 400 (Shot at 160) and Portra 800. bronica & 35mm

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