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  1. Baby Dean's birth was nothing short of beautiful and peaceful. Mama Kelli fully trusted her body to do it's thing, and she decided ahead of time that he'd be born in this new birth center in Mission Hospital. But once those near birth contractions came to her back, she could tell he was coming SOON and she felt like (and knew) that the warm shower water would really help her. So she did it! And he did come soon, within 20 minutes of moving from her check-in room. The shower was perfect. For a whole 10 min, I was filling up my cameras and getting ready for a quick birth- and Kirk and I were small-chattin it up.. and all of the sudden, we hear her say, "Kirk, he's coming soon!" and we were around the corner, she was doing it all by herself! Such a rock star. She's so inspiring. And I feel so lucky that I got to be there and I will get to watch this nugget grow up. He's pretty cute!!!

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  2. If Finn gets sent to his room, because of whatever reason... you can always find him reading books. It's his go-to favorite thing to do! And write. Love this wild boy.

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  4. Holy moly. Guys. It was 4th of July, already a magical (and busy) day and that's when Baby Drew decided to make an appearance! Side note real quick: I never load my film up until I get to where I'm shooting, so that I can make sure I load the correct film for how dark the room is. But I had a strong feeling I should load it in the car because I won't be able to up there. Boy was I right. Baby Drew came out about 7 shots in. My very first shot was the first shot on the left, shown. Had I loaded in the home, I would have missed the whole thing, plus maybe even metered wrong because I was so anxious from the quick drive over!

    Madison was a trooper (aka meant for home birth) and said her body just couldn't let her come out until I got there! Dang it, I felt terrible! Plus, I was looking forward to that home birth labor tasty photos.. but I'm forever grateful I got to be there, technically, right before her arrival. I've never seen a happier dad than Matt. 3rd time didn't make him less bored.. he was even more stoked than ever. More present. Bouncing off the walls with excitement. It was pretty sweet to witness. Their home has such good vibes and the cutest older kids to welcome her.

    Thanks to the Stevens family for letting me in your sacred space! You guys make seriously the cutest kids on planet earth. Can't wait to see her grow up!

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  5. What a freaking bada** Jessica was with this one! I walked in, and it was soooo quiet. I was freaking out inside because my camera isn't the most quiet thing ever. And she was in the zoooone. So I didn't take much when she was laying down. Then she got up, and things started happening so quickly! And she just let it happen and trusted herself. She knew how her body needed to labor and it was magic to watch.

    Thank you crew for letting me be apart of this sacred experience. You guys rock and have the cutest crew of boys. <3