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  1. Another very gloomy gloomy day, but boy do I love home shoots! Kids can run free and snag a few "posed" when we need to. Thanks to Matt & Tara for letting me in their home to capture the wild that is two kids under 4. They got their chaotic & control down pat. I'm guessing it's the amount of matchbox cars & silly giggles they allow.

    Tri-X 400
    Fuji 400
    Portra 400

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  2. Baby Julian


    A little mini shoot for my little nephew Julian. He lives way too far away and we miss him every day!!

    Portra 400

  3.  We spent a couple nights up in El Capitan Canyon, a cozy little (rather large) campsite in a big "Safari tent"- with a bunch of families from San Clemente. Such a blast. Can't wait to do it all over again next year!

    TRI-X 400

  4. Suuuuper happy this couple wore light clothing because it was the gloomiest day I think I have EVER seen (which P.S. I've always preferred gloomy over sunny!)! Happiest smiles and happiest days ahead of this couple! xoxo

    Portra 400

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  5. My cute cousin Kallie has found a perfect match for her, Derek! Super excited for them and can't wait to see what life brings them!!  They're both insanely talented and have the world just waiting for them to bring their creative selves into it, full throttle. Check out his filming and her music here!

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