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  1. These were taken while in the Key West. I def. want to play more with double exposures with my wedding clients. I think they would love it! I just need the sun. {sunshine, please come out!}

    Technical: Fuji 400
    (this whole give-away thing is going well so far. let's just say i'm glad i will drawing out of a hat instead of deciding upon all you lovely ladies. i want all to win!)

  2. 4 heart-to-hearts:

    1. These look fantastic! Horray for holgas and double exposures!

    2. robyn said...

      love love love holgas. love these shots too elise! fantastic. talent girl. pure talent.

    3. Elise, these look really great. Do you try to plan the composition, or are they just random? Either way they are great. I admire your proficiency with film: not many people still master it! With each incoming class people get worse and worse at it, with the exception of you and a few others. Congrats on all your good work!

    4. Unknown said...

      awesome! i love these elise!