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    1. My husband and I are moving! We are ready to move onto a new phase in our life. We will be living (most likely) in Orange County. It's undetermined what month of the summer we will actually be residents, but we're thinking in the window of end of May-middle August. I'll keep you updated. If your wedding is already booked and wondering about travel fees, they will act the same as if we are still living in Utah County. Until I make the move.

    2. I added another piece to my wedding packages. I think it will be a fun idea. 1 year after your wedding, you have the chance to have a photo shoot with me for you "1 year anniversary". This can replace the engagement/bridal section of your package that you choose. Because not all of us want all of those portions in our packages. Sounds fun right? I'm doing my first one soon- so stay tuned for them!

    3. I am going to start doing "birth stories". I think this is right up my alley- as I love to just document. Nothing else. I love it so much that I would stay at a hospital all day, waiting for your newborn to make it's grand entrance. I have done once before, see it here. I am doing a give-away for a birth story- once we have settled in California (could be sooner than later). So if you are due anytime after August and in the Southern California area, and want me to be there for atleast some portion of your day, or your whole day... check back here for the give-away. 

    I could eat this film I love it so much. Yum yum yum.
    Ilford 1600

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    1. Craig and I are looking to move at about that time as well, though who knows exactly where. It's just time for that next stage, right? I'm so happy we got to know you in the ward this past year (almost two, actually!).

      And also, I would TOTALLY hire you to photograph a birth story someday. I'll try to time the hypothetical baby's entrance for when you're traveling through whatever town we're living in - it's that important. =)

    2. Brittny said...

      Congrats!! and the birth story shoot is such a great idea!!

    3. amanda jane said...

      Oh! you love California, I'm so happy you get to live somewhere you love...that makes such a difference! Yay!