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  1. Of course there are 75+ images on this post. The real problem at hand is my disability to put more than 150, because that's how much should really be on here. If I spent the time to put that many up, I would be neglecting my always-forgiving-husband and have zero life past my computer. 

    Anyways, absolutely love this bride & groom, and their families. It's always nice to feel part of their family because it makes my job that much easier. I cried during their luncheon, (during their speeches), I cried when they got into their get-away car, and once again while editing their photos. They are just SO IN LOVE that you could just die. I'm so glad I made new friends. Oh and the reception decor? Every little detail was thought out by the bride...making it very sentimental to her and her family. She had detailing on her wedding dress from grandmas, her mom, and herself. Handkerchiefs draped all over from it a very not-cliche-vintage, and very nostalgic feel. Very much Claire & Brandon.

    If it weren't for Claire's kidney stones, (that had a nickname that I forgot at the moment), we would have photographed bridals somewhere spectacular with beautiful lighting...a week or two before the wedding. So that has been postponed, but don't worry, it will happen!

    Okay I'll shut my mouth now. Just click here to view/order the rest of their images from their lovely wedding.

    {{{I've already received multiple emails & comments about where she bought the dress: JCREW. She modified it a bit to make it more herself.. and to contact her, here is her cute blog. I'm sure she won't mind new readers}}}

  2. 9 heart-to-hearts:

    1. suzy said...

      you are just the best wedding photographer.. i love when you post new ones.
      these are GORGEOUS.

    2. what a gorgeous bride!! im basically obsessed with her dress. the pictures look great!

    3. Jalene said...

      wow. beautiful.

      this turned out just like i imagined it would from reading claire's blog. she did a fantastic job!

    4. Elise said...

      I need her dress. Do you have more info on it or any way I can contact her?

    5. Ben + Amanda said...

      i love love love these elise! Good job

    6. Jen said...

      LOVE IT! Love Claire, Love her Love, Love her photos!

    7. Angie. said...

      Great pictures! Your work is very good! I absolutely love Claire & Brandon as well.. like, they should have their own movie or something.
      (I was the florist at the wedding. aka, the girl in the red polka dot dress...)

      Anyway, your pictures are fantastic. A job well done. :)

    8. kara lynn said...

      umm these photos are AMAZING!!!

      please stay in the area so you can photograph my wedding someday!

      you are so very talented elise!

    9. m.estelle said...

      oh, elise. i love all of these. you are so stinking amazing. can you come over and take some photos of me and jeremy? you know, just of us looking adorable? (that doesn't happen very i'll make a baby or throw a party or something and have you and your camera over.)