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  1. I have been working on a documentary type art project for a few months now, well really refining it these past few months. Everyone that follows my blog knows that I photograph Parlor Hawk, my husband's band all the time. Well, I decided to perfect my craft and really take it seriously. I decided that I would only use B&W film to photograph them, and I would follow them around everywhere, as a band. Annie Leibovitz's Rolling Stone work has always inspired me so I guess you could say that I am using her work as stepping stones. Anyways- these photos above (of Matt Costa & his crew) were taken within a few hours of Parlor Hawk opening for Matt Costa...during sound check and before the show. They're super nice people and we were lucky they let us open for them.

    The art show will be up to see December 1st at the HFAC here in Provo. Then I'll put all of it online. I haven't been posting any Parlor Hawk images that I will be using in the show so atleast a few of them have charm.

    {Ilford 3200}

  2. 2 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Claire White said...

      yay! i was wondering when you'd have a show. can't wait!!!

    2. amanda jane said...

      these are great. you are such a lovely photographer.