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  1. I've been looking through my work, well I always am and seeing ways I can improve, or trying to find my personal style and stick with it...and I realized that I LOVE to photograph complimentary colors. I really love it and do it naturally. For instance, I could have cropped this in the camera to make a play on the blue striped shirt (i'm obsessed with stripes if you know me) but I was attracted to the fit of yellow & blue together. So now that I know I'm aware that I do that, I'm going to have so much fun!!! I probably won't even have to be alert to find the right photographs...which is real nice.. one less thing to worry about.

    Technical: Fuji 400h- shot last day in Miami before heading to the Key West.

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    1. Molly said...

      I love the primary colors in these (yellow top and yellow curb, red side walk, blue shirt, etc) and I love that they aren't over-saturated. They are just creamy and beautiful:)