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  1. Boy do I wish I was available for their wedding in May! What a truly great couple and I'm quite happy they found each-other. When they became engaged, I was crossing my fingers and toes, hoping they would let me do their engagements :)

    To view/order the rest, click HERE ! 

    (holga ones to come, once i go to the lab)

  2. 4 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Wonderful lighting and beautiful composition! Great job Elise!

    2. YEAH!!! ROXANNE AND SAM! so darling. i wish you were available too for their wedding, because then i could make you photograph me. :)

    3. amanda jane said...

      Yay! Such a cute couple. These are lovely Elise.

    4. I love the meadow and how beautiful they look together! As always-amazing job!