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  1. So I have gotten many emails, face-book messages, text messages...etc about ordering prints from my personal work. Well, now I am making that available!! Click here to order either one of these pieces above (plus a few more). On my proofing site, you'll see at the top "Personal Work" that.

    Photographs always make great gifts. And if you are another photographer/artist, and want to do a trade, I am MORE than willing to do that.

    PS. Remember when ordering enlargements, cropping will effect the photograph. So send me an email along with your order if you'd like to see what the photograph will look like with the width/length you asked for.
    PSS. Excuse the watermarks (they will not be on your photograph). That was from my past, never to be talked about again.
    PSSS. If you see a photo on my blog that isn't on the proofing site, and you'd like a print of it, let me know and we'll make it happen.
    PSSSS. Once ordered, it will be mailed within a few days.

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    1. I am glad you decided to do this. I like this idea. Also, once that dark room opens, I am making you that print to trade of the trees!