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  1. I'm suprised this even came out in the slightest bit. First, I didn't meter it, and second I was hanging out the window on the freeway, and the car was going a good 70mph. No, I was not driving!!

    We got to visit Texas a little bit more than we thought we would when I went to photograph this wedding back in May. Some of the photographs were photographed at the "World's Largest Flee Market" .  The first weekend, of each month, everyone travels to Canton, Texas to shop and sell. You can pretty much buy anything that any American would ever want. I was way too hot to even consider buying something that I would have to carry. My husband had never been to the great state and luckily he was able to come. And he grabbed my camera and blogged about it because he loved so many things. And the other shots are at this outdoor shopping center. Big difference, that's for sure. 

    PS. These photos are 5 months old because I finally scanned the film..just like the last post. And more to come.

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    1. I love these! And the colors that came out in them! I especially love that close up. So muted and beautiful.