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  1. I couldn't get enough of this wedding! My dear cousin and her cowboy groom were so much fun to be around and to photograph. Being there almost made me want to move to the south. Almost :) You can view/order the rest of their photographs here!

  2. 4 heart-to-hearts:

    1. I love that first photo! They are so simple and beautiful. I love the yellow.. very beautiful.
      And I'm pretty sure that I know that couple in the 3rd photo! Do you happen to know their names? Because I am quite positive that they are from my home ward!

    2. Confirmation from my mother: I for sure do know the couple in the 3rd photo! Crazy!

    3. e.wilson said...

      oh elise! these are so lovely. i'm so excited for you to shoot our wedding.
      2 months!


    4. Melly Mel said...

      I love that picture of Gary and Gma and Gpa. Great job Elise. Wish I could have been there.