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  1. In October 2006, a group of us spent the week with tents and film cameras, in Bodie, California. It is near the High Sierras. This ghost town was a busy place, with everything from a post office, to the community dance hall. I'm not exactly sure on the facts, but in the early 1900's, there was a fire that caused everyone to evacuate their homes. Most of the homes are still in tact, even drinking cups and bedding are in the same position that they were left. Currently, it is used for tourists, and only one building is available to go inside. The rest are locked. Luckily, our photography teacher is friends with the Rangers for Bodie, and he was able to get us into whichever building we wanted to photograph. It was definitely a neat experience and it was refreshing to look at these again. Please enjoy!
    This gravestone is for a girl that died at the age of nine. Every week, she would bring the miners & workers flowers and treats to keep them happy. One of the miners accidentally killed her with one of the heavy tools. Tragedy.
    In the stamp mill.
    The couch of the Mayors home.
    The pews of the community Church.
    The calendar in the office of the General Store.

    The jail. This part of the Ghost Town was the "Whore" community. The other side were the "Virgins". 

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    1. Kirk said...

      Lucky you… I have always wanted to go to Bodie, California to shoot. Kathlene and I were headed that way last year for my birthday, but go side tracked and went to San Francisco instead. Now we live here and I am kicking myself for not making the trip. I could go in mid-spring, with all this rain and snow, I am sure the spring flowers will be amazing. Unfortunately with all the snow the roads across the mountain passes will be closed until late May or early June. Maybe I will go in the fall. When the shadows are long.

      This weekend we are headed to Mariposa and Yosemite Valley. I wanted to go to Glacier Point, but Kathlene isn’t up for an all day snowshoe trip to Glacier Point so I can take photographs. Photography is a lonely hobby.

      I will post something next week…

    2. Anonymous said...

      Beautiful pictures. What rich colors and interesting subjects. Thanks for always being such a good friend to my family!