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  1. These photographs were taken right when I entered the digital world. Ashley & Lauren were my lucky models. (2006)

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    1. Kirk said...


      I know this is from your earliest work and I am sure you portraits technique has greatly improved. I was going over your latest post, and noticed a few things, Shadows. Shadows can be a killer for portraits.

      One thing that has helped me in my portrait photography is a blog called strobist. This guy is great. My off camera lighting has improved 10 fold. If you get a chance read his stuff it’s excellent. Here is his blog or you can click through my site,



    2. Thanks Kirk. I appreciate it!!

      That was kind of the point though for this shoot. I am guessing you are talking about the 3rd and 5th image. I kind of like shadow and of course they wouldn't put it in their house to blow up above their fireplace, but for art, I like to use shadow. I will look up those websites and get all the tips I can get. I can't ever stop learning!

      Thank You so very much again.