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  1. The Dominican Republic was quite the place to travel to. We weren't on any part of the island that I would call "touristy"- in fact we were searching for a good place to get "touristy" stuff --just because--. Besides one person we met at a market from Vegas that lives there full time, we didn't bump into any people speaking English, and if they did, it wasn't that great.-when we were outside of the hotel. We also kept it pretty low key because I was 32 weeks pregnant! I underestimated the size that my belly would be when I signed on to shoot Kyle + Kelly's wedding (post below!) but still managed to do alright for how large it really was :)

    We mainly lounged around at the hotel (which was insanely relaxing and luxurious!), but when we did go out, it was quite the site! GREEN everywhere! Palm trees EVERYWHERE, stray (but well fed) dogs, colorful buildings, burning trash, all types of birds and beautiful beautiful people. The company of the Bryan and Johnson family was incredible and we really felt like part of their family for a week! Made shooting the wedding on the last day a breeze, and everyone really comfortable in front of the camera.

    Film is Portra 160 + 400

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