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  1. This is my dear older sis Melissa and her fiance Brady! They are truly a match made in heaven and we all feel lucky to have him be apart of our family now. They are to be wed next Saturday! Yipppeeee!

    I thought it only be appropriate that their engagement shoot be the first official shoot that I do only film! (besides my births of course) Many have been emailing and asking about my film- basically I am never picking up my "digital" and goin back to my roots when I first started in the biz to only film! It's been a LONG time comin' and I couldn't be more excited about it. I get more time to be with my family (after the shoots) because the film comes as is! Love it!! And so should you. So if you're interested in my 100% film plan, email me at Prices have been bumped up but so has the quality. 

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    1. Claire White said...

      yay! Good for you! These images are lovely, i knew instantly that they must be film. So excited to see future work!

    2. kylie said...
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    3. kylie said...

      i totally agree. major time saver shooting film!

      what camera do you shoot on?