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  1. If you ever want to know what heaven is like, just hang out with a newborn and their lucky family for 20 minutes and you'll get a good portion of it. I feel more than grateful to get to do this... be apart of their little babe's birth day. Having a babe myself, I've experienced this piece of heaven first hand.. from the moment my little Finn was seen to the moment I got to show him to my family- it was all heaven. And still is! But there was something magical about this shoot. Shauny wanted me to capture Jersey meeting Hartlyn for the first time, and that my dearest followers was a different type of heaven. Watching their first born meeting their sibling! For the first time! As our time is approaching where we are talking more & more about our #2 (not any time soon but we are talking of course to plan!), this makes me really excited for the part where Finn meets his sibling. So many worries and excitement just like the same way you are worried and excited for your unborn child to arrive. 

    Please let me come to all your births! I will be forever indebted to you. And you can call me Auntie Elise if you feel necessary. 

    Right here and now, I am offering a giveaway for those beautiful babes being born this year. Whether it be C-Section to where I come visit after (like this one was), a birth at a hospital where I come before & stay after the birth.. or a home/birth center birth where I come before & stay after... all are free to enter! If you are to win, I will send over my packages and you will choose which one you want for HALF OFF! That's pretty dang good. Packages start at $1000 (making your cost $500 if you decide to go with package four). 

    How to enter:

    1. Follow this blog & comment below that you did so... with your email.
    2. Find me on instagram (@eliselaurencape) and repost the post of this giveaway in your feed, and hashtag #eliselaurengiveaway. Your name will be noted and gathered on a list. Feel free to leave comments about your specific birth on my instagram post!

    I will announce the winner on May 10th so start postin! I live in Dana Point so we can discuss travel fees if needed and am willing to fly for out of state induced births. 

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    1. Elise you are right about that..."hang out with a newborn and their lucky family for 20 minutes and you'll get a good portion of it." thanks for the nice giveaway. xo
      - Vinnie