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  1. Gosh I used to love dressing up and going to dances. I was allowed to go to prom and all of that as a sophomore, so I went to 6 total! So FUN! My junior year, my best friends and I were all dating (or atleast friends) with the same group of guy friends.. so those dances that year were particularly the best. And just like Bree's date, they dressed up and we never could really tell if they were making fun of us for dressing up so jazzy- or if that was their way of dressing up.

    Anyways- enough about me..My sister Bree is about to graduate (look-out BYU Hawaii!) and so I figured- might as well  photograph her. You might recognize her from some of my shoots I've brought her to to help with me light. She's a cutie!

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    1. robyn said...

      beautiful girl! you captured how i feel about all my past high school dances perfectly in these shots.