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  1. Here is the link to the post I did about it just over a year ago..

    I consider myself a documentary photographer. I mean that's really all I do. And so birth-stories are right up my alley. I have only done one before... so I thought, what a better way to start than to do a give-away??!

    What do you get you ask?
    1.  $250 birth story (normally ranging at $800). The second place person gets it for $450. (If you've already booked one with me, you get it for that much as well!!)
    2. This session can either be done in your home or at a hospital. I can be in and out of the room where you'll be giving birth, or at specific times and places. The one linked and photographed above was just right after baby had her first cry, I walked into the room.
    3. This birth has to be in Orange County, unless you're willing to fly me out to wherever you and your womb may be.
    4. All of it will be shot on BW FILM.
    5. This birth must be taken place between September 2011 & beyond.

    How to win?

    a. posted about this give-away on your blog (give me the link)
    b. became a follower or remind me that you have been a follower.
    c. another point will be added each time you send me a link from someone you've referred personally. (Like if you tell Sally about the give-away and Sally puts it on her blog as well (or tweet/FB), put that in a comment from you.) But remember that if Sally is going to be posting it on her blog, it's probably because she wants in on it too. Don't you hate that part about give-aways??

    I will be posting more give-aways shortly (i.e. engagements and bridals....stay tuned!)

  2. 5 heart-to-hearts:

    1. If only I was pregnant.

    2. Unknown said...

      if only i didn't just do this.

    3. amanda jane said...

      too bad I'm not pregnant or in california. :( someone is very lucky!

    4. I wish you could shoot mine! I know I'd love them. Unfortunately I'll be living in Texas.

    5. robyn said...

      beautiful, beautiful job. man, i'd get pregnant just to have you take my picture! :)