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    I always say that if we were to raise our kids in Utah or live in Utah for a good amount of time, I'd choose to live in Heber City or Midway. It's quiet, everyone knows everyone, one road fits all, and the homes are old and unique (there are a lot of run down ones, that's for sure!). I spent a few days there with a friend before I graduated and was astonished. My breathe was taken away. We were staying in Midway and playing baseball in a backyard, and the scenery was unreal. There was so much space and land and sky. I felt for only a moment that I was in a glass globe- you know the thing you shake and snow falls down on a little city? Well I felt like I was in one...but it was spring time and just starting to get warm and the colors were just beautiful.

    Everytime we drive from Provo to Park City, I always see these scenes and want to photograph them. Always. So I did after an engagement shoot.

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