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  1. About 5 years, I went to Bodie, California with a bunch of photo students. This was our first time exploring color film, after studying & knowing [only] black and white. It was quite the adventure and I'm very glad I did it. We were only given [if I remember right], 7 rolls of Kodak slide film for a 3 day trip. We were to figure out what we REALLY wanted to use our exposures on and expose & focus them right because we only had so many shots. I like to look through these old photos because it teaches me a lot about how I photograph.  Shows me how I liked to compose compared to now, and how I really should never use a polarizer again.

    This particular scene is overlooking the graveyard, where I photographed this photo.

    I'll be posting more of these while I continue editing my recent weddings.

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    1. I REALLY love this photo. complimentary colors are probably some of my favorite color combos. blue and orange look so beautiful.