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  1. Abby, my 10-year-old sister in law, is moving with her parents and older brother to Switzerland! They don't really have a time to come back to the states, and I thought it would be nice for Abby to have some photos (in a book I put together for her) that she can show the friends in Lugano about her life back in Sandy, Utah. These are all her favorite places she will miss, and her favorite outfits to wear. I loved doing this and would do it a million times over. {Documentary photography is way more fun than just a simple portrait in a location that really has no meaning to the individual.}

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    1. Claire White said...

      probably the most stylish 10 year old in the world! so cute! i can totally see drew in her

    2. Kjrsten said...


      what a lovely gift for your SIL! And waht a darling girl! I love this post!


    3. Nathalie said...

      Elise! This is sooooo CUTE!!! She will love looking at that book you made for her when she is out there. :)