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  1. In order to finish a roll, I had my husband take this self-portrait of me. 

    Two notes:
    1. This is probably my new favorite cardigan and will be on my body for the next year  or two (kidding, I don't know).
    2. Hello Spring!

  2. 5 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Claire White said...

      you are gorgeous. I have that cardi.
      correction: my mother has that cardi and i claim it as my own.

    2. Chelsea B. said...

      you are so pretty! and that color looks amazing on you

    3. beautiful picture. beautiful you.

    4. Liese said...

      Elise! Your hair is so long! And p.s. you look beautiful of course!

    5. Natalie said...

      i was JUST going to say that! YOUR HAIR! i don't notice how long it is normally because its not in front of your shoulders so still like this. its beautiful