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  1. Go Yankees!


    She took the last image of me (talking to Enrique Rodriguez, 93 years old, the first image of this post). We were fascinated by these men playing dominoes (but I just wanted portraits). Lindsey pretty much hung out with them, and got them to ease up by the time we got there. This was in Little Havanna, like a China Town but for cubans! So fun! (miami)

    Technical: Fuji 400, 35mm

    Side note: I am an Angels fan, through & through, but I did see the Angels play the Yankees at the Yankee stadium... 7 years ago.

  2. 2 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Claire White said...

      i LOVE these! so candid and pure. And i loved you sneaking in that last picture! we don't see enough of you!

    2. amanda jane said...

      these are great! they made me giggle.