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  1. 15.2.10

    Yes, my website has been revised once more! Click HERE to see what I've added. 
    Art- replaced 1
    People- replaced 3
    Engagements- replaced 4 (one session that is yet to be seen)
    Weddings- replaced 3
     I hope you enjoy! For some reason, it wasn't working on my Safari, but was on my Firefox. But I clicked "empty cache" on my preferences in Safari and it worked fine after that!!
     ps. Drew (my husband/graphic designer) taught me how to update my website so I can do it regularly now... YAY! 

  2. 1 heart-to-hearts:

    1. alexismdyer said...

      ok. i'm thinking if i take photo 1 @UVU in the spring...
      and have private lessons from you i may be semi ready enough to do the second session of FIND. At least I wont' feel like a complete loser there.. haha.

      I need you though! Can i have private lessons?
      How much would you charge? Can we play tomorrow?