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  1. Bree [cheese]


    This was taken over thanksgiving break in California. My dad, little sister Bree, Drew & I go to this yogurt self-serve place down by Del Mar. The strangest thing happened. When I was finished filling up my cup with yogurt, I see Bree filling up a quart with frozen yogurt. So I walk right up on her. Like, breathing down her chest close to her. And I say, to her, while breathing down her neck, "Woah Bree, stockin up?" Or something silly like that. Then I look down at her feet, notice that those are not Bree's feet. I don't even look at her face; I just bolt to the cash register with my family. I was so embarrassed I couldn't even look back to the woman that is probably bringing that quart to a family that doesn't have money to buy a quart of yogurt.

    {35 mm fuji 800zpro- no editing}

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