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  1. What a drag.


    So I am having a problem lately. The past two clients that I recently updated, Karalee & Kim, I have noticed that their photographs being uploaded ONLINE (both blogger & instaproofs) have been compromised of their color. All skin tones are de-saturated, and the other colors are a bit faded. You can't really tell unless you have the original, but it's really bothering me and I don't want to post until I can figure it out. I am guessing it's because I convert them from RAW to JPEG and maybe that screws it up? I have been in California, so maybe it's just my lap top and I need to use my desktop at home and problem will be solved. If ANYONE has insight as to help me out.. let me know! Thanks! (Jill and Leslie, I'll email you..)

    Here is an example/comparison:

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    1. Matt Clayton said...

      Elise, try saving it for the web in CMYK.

    2. c.m. said...

      i used to have that problem until i started saving in srgb. you can do it on export from lightroom. good luck!

    3. Ani said...

      ah! i have the same problem. Has that helped you?