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    Last night I photographed a wedding up in Salt Lake, and the theme was geared towards Valentines Day! It reminded me how much I really love this holiday and so I decided to do something fun.

    Contest: Email me your favorite/cutest/funniest/romantic/special memory with your fiance, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend.

    Requirements: 1) You must either be in Utah or Southern California. 2)You must send a photograph along with your story. It doesn't have to match your story but I want to put faces with the couple.

    Prize: A free engagement session or couple portrait to the best story. The one that just won my heart over. If I just can't pick between two or three, well, what the heck. I'll pick them too.

    Deadline: Midnight on Valentines Day. I will announce the winner(s) the next day!

    EMAIL: put in your email whether you would or wouldn't mind to post your story & photo on my blog. 

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