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    1. Unknown said...

      i am a friend of Melissa's and found your blog from her blog page. I am a lover of photography and am also trying to start a little buisness of my own. And, i have to tell you, your work is just beautiful. I love the shots you take and mood of them. They are very moving. Great work. Can't wait to see more!

    2. Sals said...

      Elise, I am also a friend of Melissa's...I wish I knew of you back when I got married...I literally would have flown you over to Australia, just to take photos...heee...I LOVE photography...I could only dream of being as good as you one day - I love the wedding photos, surfing, kids...everything...some of them are so natural...I totally connect with them and when I look at some of them I totally think it epitomises how I feel somedays!
      Have fun at BYU!

    3. Melly Mel said...

      Elise... I'm impressed! It looks like you met my friends Keira and Sals! Fun fun! I noticed you added new pictures. They look great! I'm impressed!