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  1. Thanks to Adam & Karalee for having me be apart of your big day!!! This is probably the longest post I've done because I wanted to have everyone see and feel how great the day was. 

    To view/order the rest of their photographs, click HERE! 

  2. 3 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Karalee said...

      Elise - I am in LOVE!! You did SUCH a fabulous job capturing such a special day!! You are AMAZING!! I couldn't be happier right now! To anyone and everyone who reads this: IF YOU WANT A STYLISH, PRETTY, CREATIVE, TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER...ELISE IS YOUR GIRL!!! As you can see, she's the best Thank you Elise, you are so awesome!

    2. Anonymous said...


      You did such an amazing job capturing our baby sister's special day! You are so talented and I love all the great candids you got. So fun!

      You did such an incredible job covering so much territory! You're awesome!

      Also, thank you so so much for posting so many photos...I love photos and there can NEVER be too many!



    3. Katie said...

      Seriously you are AMAZING!!! You did such a beautiful job...I only wish that when I got married you weren't still in high school :)
      Thanks for capturing Kara and Adam's day for generations to see.
      Katie (Kara's sister)