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    When I think of what I love about photography, it's often people. But I usually don't like to photograph people if they're not lit the exact way that I had previsualized. Really, anything in that is photographed has some sort of light. I have been fascinated with the way the sun reacts to water, and more specifically, the way it can be portrayed or interpreted. Growing up next to the ocean, I have learned to really love and appreciate the water for all it's good and bad, that I can hardly recognize a difference between the two! I was talking with someone yesterday about the water in southern California and she told me that there isn't one month of the year that the ocean isn't freezing! I was stunned and in my head thinking that she must not go much or really like water period because it's not cold all year round... but really I am just accustom to it. Maybe this is why I have such a want to do underwater photography. It's like second nature for me to be out there in the water, especially the ocean... swimming, standing, surfing, laying, floating, diving, rolling, why not bring a camera during all those! Long explanation short, I want to really start doing underwater photography and hopefully soon!

    In the meantime, I will drool over other's work. Check out what anthropologie did in their last issue.

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