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  1. Baby Dean's birth was nothing short of beautiful and peaceful. Mama Kelli fully trusted her body to do it's thing, and she decided ahead of time that he'd be born in this new birth center in Mission Hospital. But once those near birth contractions came to her back, she could tell he was coming SOON and she felt like (and knew) that the warm shower water would really help her. So she did it! And he did come soon, within 20 minutes of moving from her check-in room. The shower was perfect. For a whole 10 min, I was filling up my cameras and getting ready for a quick birth- and Kirk and I were small-chattin it up.. and all of the sudden, we hear her say, "Kirk, he's coming soon!" and we were around the corner, she was doing it all by herself! Such a rock star. She's so inspiring. And I feel so lucky that I got to be there and I will get to watch this nugget grow up. He's pretty cute!!!

    FUJI 400 TX pushed 2x

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