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  1. This birth will always have a special place in my heart!! It was so many things. Relaxing. Intense. Emotional. Beautiful. Court is a strong woman and has so much love for her children. Her babies seem to get stuck in the canal and she handles it like a straight up champ. Doesn't freak out or rush to conclusions. She trusts her body. So rad!!! Oh and Jordan?? Wins the best husband award in this arena. Obsessed with the girls in his life! How did I luck out with such getting to be there for women's most intimate times? They trust me and I feel so lucky. like BEYOND lucky. A lot of people ask me if I still shoot weddings and such.. and I tell them, birth is where my heart is! It really is. Nothing like gathering people around to celebrate and help in the greatest cause ever. 

    All photos were shot with Portra 400 on my Nikon F100, just turned them into BW in post.

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