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  1. There just really aren't any words. And I feel dumb even writing anything after this post. So I think I'll just keep at this: BIRTH RULES!

    Ok and this too: the camaraderie that was in the home, was epic. So many hands. So many hearts. Again, no words.

    Oh and Tiff, she was uh-mazing. Calm as can be. Barely made a peep. Nora warmed up to me being there with a camera, pretty quickly. And Toph, the most hands on birth partner there ever could be. And Violet?? The most loved baby on earth right now. This made me so excited to do a water birth again! It's pretty life changing!!

    I can't tell you enough how treasured birth pictures are! Hire someone!!! Because there's nothing like those moments when baby is coming down and about to be earth side. NOTHING. And you'll most likely forget all things that happened so you can leisurely look at them with each year your baby gets older. AND if that doesn't convince you, then this will: your babe will always know how loved they were with how much work you went through to get them there!!! (Ha)

    Nikon F100

    A bunch of all sorts of films. If curious, email me what film I used for which pics.

    See rest here (get password from Mama!!!)

    OH and if you just couldn't get enough from these photos (and your a birth geek like me!) see video here:

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    1. Jo said...

      Wow. Seriously.

    2. Gorgeous. Breathtaking.