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  1. This was my first real shoot in a long time. I took a very long break without officially saying I was taking a break. And I'm proud to say, it feels good to be back! I forgot about the adrenaline rush I would get when everyone was moving around nicely and helping me work with them. And how sweaty I get when I'm barely moving! Haha! AND the day my lab sends me an email letting me know my film arrived! Yipee!!

    There was some serious magic fairy dust floating around the air during this family shoot! It's never an easy task to photograph a family full of parents of young kids.. lots of opportunities for disaster..(my family included!) but for reals, everyone was calm. No tears, no bribing, not holding tight or complaining. It was pretty amazing, especially considering how many kids were there! Thanks for letting me be apart of your reunion!

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    FUJI 400 and portra 160- all on Bronica

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