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  1. It's always one of the very bestests compliments when another photographers wants YOU to be the person shooting their family portraits. And I really felt good because it was Brynn! She's a fabulous photographer and one anyone would be lucky to be a client of. 

    Okay and I MUST say something about this Mama. She's the mother I've always wanted to be... so aware and THERE with her kids. Very present. I've seen her from afar a bunch of times at the beach (not creepy) and she is totally involved always. Then I recently started following her feed on IG.. I mean the woman is all about her kids. When we were shooting, she wanted pictures with each of them, sincerely snuggled each of them and had the best things to say about them all. They both made parenting (during a family shoot) look so easy and simple. AND on top of it all, she looked like a babe and her hair was curled a bit. Ok I'm done. I just look up to Brynn more after this shoot than ever! Glad we got to connect.

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