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  1. I had to try super hard not to just put every single photo on my blog this took me twice as long to do than normal blog posts because I chose way too many, resized too many then had to decide which ones were over kill. Ha! I could go on and on about how freakin cool this family is but you can just tell. A lot of firsts for me. First time photographing a family IN their home, not like- only candids and newborn shoot, a full blown family portrait. RAD. Probably the best house to do it with because it was floor to ceiling windows. First time being on an exclusive private beach, owned by their family. Rad. First time listening and dancing to music while photographing, because we were inside their home. Triple rad. And first time shooting hot pink + camo in the same image. Like I said, I could go on and on. I shall end here. Wait, I forgot, first time eating an Airhead Popsicle. 

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