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  1. What a joy it was to be at the birth of my newest niece Naomi Lundquist. 

    I got the call from a family member that she was now in the hospital and at a 6. It couldn't have been more of a perfect time for ME as her photographer because I had just, literally minutes before I got the call, put my 9 month old down for bed, and sat at my computer to send some emails. My hair was still dripping wet from the shower an hour before, and my skin was sunburned from a day at the beach. I had plans to go shoot the album cover for my husband's band Parlor Hawk but told Drew, sorry, can't miss baby! 

    I grabbed my cameras + film from the fridge and bolted. I remember being hungry but hunger could wait for a baby. This was Lindsay's first time without pain meds so to me it was like her first time giving birth since we wouldn't really know what her body does on it's own without help... so I didn't want to chance it. Maybe I sped a little bit. 

    I get there and of course Lindsay is as calm as a bee just hangin out. Mitch was still wearing his sweatshirt maybe checking his phone. After about 45 minutes of being there and the arrival of food for Mitch and her sister and mom, things started heatin up, only a little though but they for sure were because she started to squint every few minutes and starting to breathe through them. Sadly doctors told her she was STILL at a 6 when her mom thought for sure she was at an 8. We were all bummed but especially Linds because we wanted to meet baby girl!!! 

    My hunger couldn't wait, and because she was still at a 6, I quickly ran to in n out, phone in hand in case sister Kim told me anything new was happening. 

    Came back, I could hear Lindsay down the hall! I ran in knowing baby could be here any minute with how long her contractions and how quick they were apart from each other. This is when I saw my brother Mitch in action too. Sweater was off and muscles were out ready to go. Soon after he turned the iPod on to Damien Rice station on Pandora next to her bed to ease her thoughts. 

    Linds kept telling the staff that baby was coming and she needed to push but they didn't want her to..for reasons unknown. With an encounter with the epidural man (he was quickly sent away) and the entrance of a fabulous nurse, baby came! Lindsay was right, and she didn't really need to push! Just breathed through a contraction and there perfect Naomi was. 

    She is loved by so many and her parents couldn't be more thrilled she is here with her siblings! 

    Want me at your birth? Yes please! Email me at OR call me at 949.672.8019. I'd love to discuss it with you! Birth packages start at $1,000.

    Bronica 65 + 50mm with TMAX 400
    Portra 800 
    Tmax 3200

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    1. Elise you captured their family so beautifully. I am teary eyed. Lindsay has such a sweet family. Im especially happy to see Jade with her little sister. Great job, as always. Beautiful.

    2. Unknown said...

      Thanks for sharing you idea and experience through your blog posting.