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  1. What a treat it was to be flown out for these wonderful people's engagements. Even if I could only be in the city for a day, it was well worth it. It's been a tough one not rushing to post these and waiting for film to develop. Can't wait for your wedding in June guys! (Really, I just can't wait for the popcorn table..just kidding ;)

    Click here to view/order the rest!

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    1. Amy Marie said...

      They turned out so great! You are absolutely amazing!

    2. Hi Elise,
      I tried to send an e-mail to you via your contact link on this site a week or so ago, but I'm not sure if it sent or not, so I figured leaving a comment on your blog will have to do. I was hoping to schedule an engagement session with you as well?
      Shoot me an e-mail at

    3. ELISE!!! Amy's my friend and I told her about you! These are so adorable! It seems I will see you at the wedding. Hope you are doing well