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  1. I don't really know many people like these two.. during their temple photos, the wind (with a good portion of rain) was blowing very hard, hair was flying all over the place, it was just about to snow and had just recently snowed, big time, Jo didn't have a sweater, family portraits were cut short, big time, and the entire 25 minutes, they were so happy. The same kind of happiness as if the sun was shining and it was spring time. Ryan just snuggled onto her neck to keep her warm and she was giddy. I remember Ryan kept saying "It's okay, we will always remember it was windy on our wedding day"..or something like that. Thanks guys for the experience and letting me photograph your beautiful selves.

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  2. 3 heart-to-hearts:

    1. That picture of her hair blowing crazy when they're kissing, with people surrounding them... Is incredible.

    2. The picture with her hair blowing up in the air while they're kissing is positively electric. I'm also IN LOVE with her dress! Great work, Elise.

    3. Natalie said...

      so cute!!! good job gf