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  1. I love this family and had just as fun editing these images as I did photographing it. Their reception was based around music and that was way too fun. Everyone knew everyone and it was just a big party. Thanks again you two for having me be apart of your day!

    Click here to view/order the rest!

  2. 2 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Kenny said...

      Love the shots, Elise. Is there any way I can order or download a digital copy of the portrait you took of me? I'm not into stealing and I'd love a hi-res. I checked the instaproof site, but it only offers hard copies.

      I'm the guy in the blue glasses:



      p.s. Here are some of the shots I took, in case you're interested in seeing them:

    2. heather nan said...

      I like you... you did a swell job here.