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  1. Lincoln & Jalene were a pleasure to photograph. They are newlyweds so it wasn't hard for them to cuddle up for the camera.

    Click here to view/order the rest.

    I'll be in California now until January 4 so let me know if you need some last minute family photos in or around Orange County!

  2. 5 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Jalene said...

      Love them!!! Thanks so much, Elise! We had a blast!

    2. oooh those are beautiful!

    3. Ben + Amanda said...

      okay so i DO know him. I don't know her, but I know Lincoln. Funny. Great job!

    4. Claire White said...

      such an adorable couple! can't wait to do B's and mine....someday!

    5. BEAUTIFUL! Love them Elise!