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  1. Skateboarding


    Fuji 400

    To all my readers: I feel a give-away coming on. What do you think? Family photos? Comment below !

  2. 4 heart-to-hearts:

    1. I want to win family photos!!! But if it takes computer savy-ness, I'm out :).

      Great pictures, by the way. Impressive skateboarding, and beautiful fall colors in the background!

    2. Maybe it's cause I stalk your blog, maybe it's cause I want my family to benefit from your amazing photography... I don't know.. but I'm in.

    3. Dear Elise.
      You dont know me, but I LOVE your blog, photos, style, etc. I'd LOVE family photos! Yes Im in as well!

    4. Molly said...

      I have a little and my man. But HECK yeah, girl! I love your style and photos. Count me in (if I count as a family, that is...).