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  1. I seriously adore this couple so much. One of those couples that inspire you, as models and as people. And I'm not just saying this because this is now on the world wide web, but because I truly mean it! I couldn't believe we actually got a chance to photograph! After one attempt of photographing in pouring rain, we called it quits, and came back another day. It was still raining and pretty dark, but we made it work.

    I can't wait for next Tuesday (their wedding).

    Click HERE! to order/view the rest!

  2. 2 heart-to-hearts:

    1. The umbrella ones are my favorite! The location is absolutely gorgeous! I love these pictures! What a beautiful couple!

    2. ktbryan said...

      OMG!! MATT M!!!!!! Congrats. So glad you used Elise! Love her!! Misssss you, have to meet the wifey asap!