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  1. Desert Noises


    Desert Noises will be in Logan, Utah (free admission) and Boise, Idaho this weekend. They are playing with my husband's band, Parlor Hawk (CD now available). So if you are interested in seeing any of these fabulous boys play, click here to see their myspace, and get the exact address to the shows. Logan this Thursday night, and Boise this Friday night. 

    These photos were taken in a basement where they practice. Those dino mattresses? Yeah it was theirs as little kids.

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    1. Kjrsten said...

      thanks to andrew's encouragment I bought there album and I am so glad I did. They are pretty awesome! And so are these shots!
      Just wondering the geeky details, were these taken with a lomo camera or are they photoshoped? Since they aren't in the 120 format it's hard to tell right off the bat.