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    So I go to this pilates class almost daily over at Gold's Gym. My instructor Liz (blonde above) somehow found out I am a photographer and asked about doing photographs for their new website. Long story short, my husband ends up doing her website, while I worked side by side giving him the photographs I took for their company. It was really fun and totally easier that way.

    POJO is full of color and new products. I am pretty sure other pilate/yoga companies have thought of bags that are really generic to hold your mats in, but theirs are so much more exciting to look at. Anyways, check out the new website and tell all your friends.

    The best part about their company is they do PARTIES! You know like the de-tox parties you do where you have a consultant or representative of a company come talk to 20 girls and give them health tips, and they make a night of it? That's what Allison & Liz do. I am probably going to round my girls up, and do one myself :)

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    1. Liese said...

      fun! I love Pilates!

    2. Jess said...

      this is weird. that is my zumba teacher. ha ha .