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  1. So, as photographers, we scale our clients' kids on a leve 1-10 (1 being awful hard to shoot because they got crazy wiggles ..aka my kids! and 10 being rock star, perfect kids for those shoots where they want smiles or atleast eye contact with the camera...) so I would rate Violet's shoot to be a 15! One of the best kids I've ever shot. I was so proud of her.

    I knew this shoot was destined to be great when Court asked if Could shoot a bunch of B + W. Hell ya!

    And I had to EDIT this blog post like crazy because I had wayyyy more than I added here. This family is just eye candy to my lens! 

    THANKS Courtney + Jordan for letting me apart of your moments in time.

    See more here!

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    1. dimitatu said...

      congratulations nice picture