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  1. Isn't Penelope Jo the cutest name and fits the perfect girl? I could eat up these pictures. I love in home family shoots with newborns. No other way to do it. Of course you gotta get the single portraits of baby just to document how sweet their skin is and remember their little selves, but I think what speaks more volumes is the love the family has for baby. And the home that the baby will spend it's precious firsts. Love love love love it. Thank you to Jo + Ryan for letting me into your home at such a special time! Again, always grateful when old clients want me back! Best compliment ever.

    Click here to see the rest + order prints. (ask mom for password)

  2. 2 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Jordan Clark said...

      The baby's feet are lovely. So tiny and cute!

    2. alex said...

      This is amazing! You should submit to Let the Kids!