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  1. This give-away is quite different than most. 8 families have the chance to get a $300 value photo shoot for only $150! The first 8 people to email me will get this deal. The only catches are:

    *Must be shot in Orange County (unless willing to pay a travel fee)
    *Must be shot in the month of July
    *For every person after 6 people, it's $15

    The shoot will not last more than 90 minutes and will be at 2 locations if you wish! A disc of all copyrights to all edited images will be sent to your door no later than 10 days of the shoot.

    In the email, let me know:

    1. What three dates in July would work best.
    2. The area that would be easiest for the shoot to be taken (Huntington Beach or San Clemente... relative)
    3. If you'd like to have me come to your home and do it in your front/backyard or in your living room with a newborn...that's all good too! It's always easiest to do it at home if you want.
    4. How many people will be at the shoot.
    5. Let me know what time frame would work best:::between 7-9 am or 6-8pm
    6. Your address so I can mail you a disc.

    Payment will be given the day of the shoot.

    Email me @ with FAMILY GIVE-AWAY in subject! 

  2. 2 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Claire White said...

      wishing I lived in utah county
      wishing my family wasn't all over the world...

      amazing giveaway!

    2. Unknown said...

      Wish you were still around here! Hope you are loving California!