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  1. Dear Scott & Amy,

    Thank you for everything! For having me come meet you at the Vegas airport for our early morning engagements, then at BJs for the weekend wedding. Can we be best friends now? Sometimes I wish I could go back and relive the wedding, but this time around without taking the photos because it was so much fun! Everything from your wedding dress Amy to the party savors to the music and so on. I hope I'll be seeing more of you guys, even if you two are states and states away now.

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  2. 7 heart-to-hearts:

    1. perfectly in love with every single one of these. LOVE

    2. Amy Marie said...

      You are absolutely amazing, do such beautiful work & are quite possibly the easiest person to work with! Thank you so much! I love them all!

    3. these look fantastic. and i think you're fantastic. hope the move went well!

    4. amanda jane said...

      so so beautiful!

    5. Natalie said...

      how did you get so many good shots?! you're a miracle worker!!! you seem to be everywhere at once during this wedding!